EVO Pennis Pump


This Penis Pump creates a vacuum around your penis it pumps the air out, causing the vessels in your erection to expand and grow and quickly increasing your size and thickness. The PSI gauge above the clear housing of the pump allows you to measure your progress, perhaps allowing you to increase the pressure slightly each time you use it.

Penis Pumps

The battery powered pump is easy to use, and the pressure release button above the power button makes releasing yourself from the pump fast and simple. Just add a little lubricant, slide your erection through the air-tight rubber seal and start to increase the pressure for fast, effective and impressive results!

Key Features: 
• Automatic penis pump for a bigger erection and better penile health
• Medicial soft silicone gel material
• Easy-to-use 2-button control operates 3 levels of suction and quick-release valve
• Soft, 1 inch opening grips the base of the penis and offers comfort during use
• Transparent chamber with measurement gauge enables you to watch your progress
• Perfect for an instant boost just before intimacy, as well as long term penile exercises
• It powered by 3 pcs AAA batteries.(not incldued.)

How to use? 
How does the pump regulate the pressure?
A: There’s two keys on the pump, one is power key and the other is release key. For the power key, it has 4 functions:
1st press :start pump at low speed.
2nd press: pump at medium speed
3rd press: pump at high speed
4th press: turn off
For the release key:Press it and the pump will be filled with air.

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