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Cigarettes brands such as Dunhill, Embassy, and Rothmans, Sportsman, Supermatch, and Safari are available at Euphoric Liquor Store.

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Cigarettes in kenya

Cigarettes are legal and widely available in Kenya, but the government has implemented several measures to discourage smoking and reduce its negative impact on public health.

The most popular cigarette brands in Kenya are manufactured by British American Tobacco (BAT), which produces brands such as Dunhill, Embassy, and Rothmans. Other popular cigarette brands in Kenya include Sportsman, Supermatch, and Safari.

The prices of cigarettes in Kenya can vary depending on the brand, the location, and the type of packaging. A pack of 20 cigarettes can cost between Ksh. 150 to Ksh. 350 (approximately USD 1.50 to USD 3.50), depending on the brand and location. Larger packs, such as packs of 25 or 30 cigarettes, can be more expensive.

It's worth noting that the government of Kenya has implemented several measures to discourage smoking, including increasing taxes on tobacco products and implementing smoke-free policies in public places. Additionally, cigarette packaging in Kenya is required to display graphic health warnings and messages about the dangers of smoking.

Smoking in public places is also banned in Kenya, and violators can face fines and other penalties. It's important to note that smoking is a leading cause of preventable deaths and can have a negative impact on both personal and public health.

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